its still gospel shows to excellencies and great attitude abilities Hi just putting it out there for all elgin citizens anyone who would like to sow a flower seed in our garden to show that you are covid 19 free will plant it in our garden for you and get a picture of it during the summertime season and post it on our website and facebook.

    Also you'll find "was it your welcome or forgive it?"


    When being at the revengeful state of unhinderanced forgiveness let's obtain that which is most conducive to the greater good for all and beware of Mr. Slugworths HenchmenAs Tamara and Chad being Elgin Residencies who will continue to volunteer as Elgin's Spirit Volunteer Moralers (did everybody like that word?)and continues to beautify this town As well as yard upkeeps :) besides being the past the Secretary of the CEC the town is looking great!

    Act unselfishly with the right kind of jealousy with contentment

    and with that in mind Positively Don't Be So Natural for All those who are Spiritually Discerned :)

    May you all find your own arrangements to Live Love & Make Out :) As Tamaras color is worthy of beloved Chad and they are eachothers the banner over it all is love and the refining of eachother is been quite samazing :)

    Don't know anybody who needs to hear and see this as some residence get fed up with unwanted radio system sounding outside in the morning when the neighbor doesn't know how to slow down enough when leaving their home without shuting off there radio system that is thought of not being "inconsideration when leaving it on," as it almost sounds like the famous words from Pig Pens"on the contrary I didn't think I looked that good minus the I didn't think I looked that good as to really say I didn't think I left it on even when the neighbor puts up a fence near there door by the way GOOD WORK recently cleaning up the yard getting rid of dead trees with beautification of consideration in progress as me and Tam thanking goodness is how we learn how ! with their radio system and speaker directly away from the awared neighbors ...(sorry to say .... that's not working ) however the clapper is doing very well here are a few video hints of the day as more may be added AND As I Chad at times a clean freak and cautious of bed bugs & my wife begin to clean vaccum dust mop among other things sometimes regularly at our trailer home AND as we improve the LAWN CARE (who knows golf like grass in the future ) gardening extrodinairing the flower and vegetable garden beds next spring (finally now have a garden hose to wash the trailer siding with greater ease (it really needs it!) and maintenenace of the trailer yard with music from Steve Via and Orianthi usually with Headphones on in the my trailer home and with such great choosy cleaning playlist music out there to make it more INTERESTING WHEN DOING SO...Stay Excellent !:)

    oh and yes Your Welcome :)

    ULC Minister Chad Oxman (Good Standing Document Upon Request) a Capital Christian (an individual who made an investment into faith (and has been awarded this January His Dr. of Divinity honorary degree (see degree)- (how to say Doctor of Divinity in Sign Language)

    (other ULC Ministers none other than theeeeeeeee The Rock Dwayne Johnson!) Chad enjoys going to the Bible Study Group with Tamara his wife who you'll find

    the "Lightening Fisted Phiseek..... Frank the Teachable Geek" -->

    Many years have past since The Poem Book Ascribed in the year 1241 hidden in the Library Archives for centuries and was found by Chad Oxman in the late 1990's now narrated by Chad Oxman and Chad's Wife Tamara Oxman after they both Married 3 going on 4 Years and living on in their trailer home in Elgin,On. shares the poem now what is called

    a true story to help your dreams come true.

    A great place to have Dream Weddings is the Beautiful Bolt Castle on 1 Heart Island, Alexandria Bay, NY

    Hours Open: Tuesday 11a.m.–3p.m. Wednesday 11a.m.–3p.m. Thursday 11a.m.–3p.m. Friday 11a.m.–3p.m. Saturday Closed Sunday Closed Monday 11a.m.–3p.m

    Open or Closed Doors message to the other side Praise 24/7 = New Good Healed Hearted Souls.
    Tamara Oxman's Page the one who stole my heart and the one has the rib of mine , Chad will be attending the CEC meetings at his own leisure time. (as he is happy spending his time on volunteering only his other own creative ideas when not shopping for neccisties with his wife inspiring ideas into action that doesn't always suit the ummm set time schedules and making life more purposeful & meaningful & satisfying hear as a Child See You Are Redeemed Peace to your Step for every right path is the right path so Praise unselfishly :)As Me and Tamara are the findings of Worthy Love we desire for the same for all and as well as Color Worthy to Life's Delight.

    As time is conducive to our dreams lets use time as properly as possible,as time management plays a vital role in the art of living, care with the know hows in mind.

    As a good thought may we all parallel wise so the trees can righteously Glorify the Lord and somebody is gonna get the honesty character award :0) As to the choice ... shovel orcan you dig it? :) it really goes to ...

    U.S. Senate Chaplain Barry Black awarded religious liberty's highest honor Dr. Barry C. Black, champion of faith in public life, is named 2019 Canterbury Medalist ...Read More

    Minutes of May 9th Meeting 2019 12:30 pm - (has been transferred from audio recording to word document access here by Chad and be given to council the CEC prior to next meeting and to be Signed by Robert Butcher)

    June 13th's,2019 meeting is complete is to be signed by Chairman Robert Butcher

    Minutes of June 13th Meeting 2019 1:00 pm Junes 13th,2019 minutes Replayed July 13th

    Minutes of July 11th Meeting 2019 1:00 pm ( 1st part of audio has been transferred from audio recording and to be signed by Secretary Chad Oxman and Robert Butcher the Chairman

    Here are some Volunteer Forms for those who would like to be a part of a great community(filing of forms fields is supported by Microsoft Edge as well as some fun ideas for the community)Pitch Week will begin again next year so get your Rideau Garbage Bags at your local library also if your looking for a Vulnerable Sector Check pdf that you can be send out to your nearest local police headquarters for the purpose to check you as an applicant seeking a paid or volunteer position with vulnerable persons (here it is)
    NOTE:JUST RECIEVED THIS INFO AS OF SEPTEMBER 3rd,2019 WHERE TO FIND IT AS SOON AS I KNEW.Vulnerable person" means a person who, because of their age, a disability or other circumstances, whether temporary or permanent, are (a) in a position of dependence on others; or (b) are otherwise at a greater risk than the general population of being harmed by a person in a position of authority or trust relative to them, pursuant to the Criminal Records Act this may be helpful.Thoughts that could enrich our area- (Soon Sighted Ideas! )

    find out how it began

    A valid religion is a more meaningful one with

    The Mouth Trap - Well its finally here nearly 25 years or so I have been searching and waiting if I'll ever hear it again one of the most influential sermons I ever heard that I had on cassette tape that found its way away from me. Now with persistency searching and asking as time went on once and awhile searching and asking it has been finally republished so without further a dewTHE MOUTH TRAP

    The biblical Pool of Bethesda : Myth or reality?Journey here to One of the most famous miracles reported in the Gospel of John (5:2-9).

    Sound waves and ocean waves naturally crest and fall and you'll find the 432Hz Miracle Tone . In the flow of the movement they pass through an undisturbed position. Waves can’t rest here, but we can. We have a choice. We can slow down and not let our emotions and thinking take us on a crazy roller coaster ride.Most people think they must ride the crest of the waves in order to be happy and try to stay there in order to avoid the toughs. Their middle ground gets overlooked, but its the place when there is no disturbance.Take a moment and consider your own attitude towards these highs and lows, and the part the middle ground plays in your life.

    The community Garden is a great place to get great food at the end of the summer season into fall for as the nature of sin creeps into embodiment's to grow more tiredness there rises a dance known as wise as serpents and harmless as doves .
    The bicycle as well as tandem biking is also used for recreational purposes, such as bicycle touring, to let it shine for Sound Mind Shines Sabbath Times mountain biking, physical fitness. Bicycle competition includes racing, BMX racing, track racing, criterium, roller racing, sportives and time trials.
    Fishing also is a good way to appreciate nature

    If you're not an athlete or serious exerciser and you just want to work out for your health or to fit in your clothes better — the gym scene can be intimidating and overwhelming.So Swim, Walk 4 Reasons To Ditch Your Car And Walk More - Making Sense of Cents Dance and Most of all Continue to have fun!
    With the Language of the Birds there are gardens and the language of the birds is to what a love purifying presence of what understanding language is
    Love is universal as well as a reciprocal taste no matter where you are from, love is typically something people desire and experience.

    is up and running and the Glory IPTV Playlist M3U File Download Page for your Wifi KOKIT Glorystar IPTV Reciever for all Big Screen Tvs weather you have a Satellite Dish or Not will be Accessible in the New Year:)

    All other Glorystar Service Satellite Aligning calls service please see the following page for encouragement since I have completed 7 Outdoor Glorystar Satellite hook ups installs and for those who are trying to successfully do one.You can also go to theGlorystar IPTV Page for some other glory iptv programs

    Great Movies Funded this Movie before it came into theatre as a result my name is in the ending credits.

    the book red before helping a family out of burning apartment building

    Awakening the heroes within by Carol S. Pearson

    Excersise Workbook at the end of the reading


It happens whe

n it happens when paved road gets to the Wilson trailer park in Elgin ,Ontario

Enjoy the Video :)