Elgin and Area

Community Enhancement Committee

Location: Elgin Complex


TIME - 12:58pm - 1:39pm

Minutes transfered from audio recording and replayed July 13th 2019

CALL TO ORDER - 12:58pm


Roll Call was taken and the following Members were in attendance-Mayor Arie Hoogenboom,June Smith,Tiffany Bell (Absent), Barbara McBride,Keith Wilson, Counciler Joan Delaney ,Chad Oxman(Secretary), and Leila Stafford Recreation and Volunteer Coordinator(Absent), Robert Butcher(Chair),Reinhart Bigl (Absent),Vera Best(Absent) ,Jeanette Rice,Claire Gunnewiek




ADOPTION OF MINUTES - Minutes have been Approved Completed Copies of May 9th meeting given to CEC Commitee June 13th printed off by Clair Gunnewiek

Minutes Approved

Moved By Keith Wilson

2nd by June Smith

CEC - all in favour

Approved by all and passed



1)Frank Inquiring band shell planning at the Heritage Park to put a band shell in far right corner so music can be played their.Suggestion that we move the band shell back a few feet so it would be inline with the garage and visble only for those in the park.Can be built on patio stones being as the less expensive project or a platform.What is required is a new roof and two permanent walls and the soure of power as a possibility of being the dressing room.Need an engineer design for band shell.Their was no funds in the budget in the past for it.Commitee agrees it's a good idea to get an estimate of construction cost.Perhaps a reapply for a grant or funding from the township or the CEC commitee can do fund raising for it.The Heritage Society might be willing to help with the cost. Leila is to go back to a couple of years to meeting minutes also look for the estmate.In order to move ahead there needs funding.Westport has constructed a

quite effective band shell that for anyone to go & see.Motion has been carried for Leila Stafford to look into logistics at the Township Office where a possible past status file could be available that was started with a possible estimated cost of a Elgin band shell to be built.

Moved by Keith Wilson

2nd by Jeanette Rice

CEC - all in favour

Approved by all and passed


1)All of the planters are out and on lamp posts.

2)There is uncertainty will their be banners hanging from the post.Ross Hawkins is to look into it.

3)Correspondence Red Out from Leila Stafford by Chad Oxman regarding invitation to Elgin Days.

4)Introduction of thrift shop will open at the store front on Main St. in Elgin.

5)There will be ongoing fund raising for beautification and recreation and can be rolled over.

6)A decision to have a video chair will be carried forward to next meeting.

7)Civic address signs are home owners responsibilities,signs can be found at township municiple office.

8)Township paid for the park for all the plants in past.

9)The dressing room is gone at the rink.New building is being built .

10)Robert Butcher has addressed if anyone interested taking over the chair.

11)Discussion of a Vice Chair Opening possible availability and was defered until next meeting.

12)To be dicussed at next meeting with Leila Stafford -

a)the shed
b)the playground equipment
c)the sign

13) Discusion from prior meeting - skateboard park is on hold.

BUSINESS ARISING:(any other ongoing business)

1)Appropriate spot is to be found for new bench near Harry Sealys Drive, looking for appropriate spot is in the process.

Subject to township approval of location for the bench is required.Funding will be taken out of the CEC if there is no funding in the Elgin beautification for it.

Moved by Jeanette Rice
2nd by Barbara McBride

CEC - all in favour

Approved by all and passed

2)Motion needs to be made for five signs of share the road (with several ensignias such as turtles & other wild life warning crossings etc.) to start.Rideau Township gets a good price on signs .The Rideau Township will cover installation costs.Determination where the 5 signs is to be placed is in the making .Arie Hoogenboom will be looking into purchasing 5 share the road signs.County Rds (such as Chaffeys Locks) signs go through County Rd Enginneer & Township Rd Signs go through Dan Chant with locations of the further inquirement to the staff.

Deferment until further clarification from Reinhart

CEC - all in favour

Approved by all and passed


1)Item needed is a presentaion easel with whiteboard cost not exceeding $300.00 funding for this should come from the hall board.If they don't have the funds perhaps it can be given by the CEC.There is one , yet it is not in good shape.

Moved by Keith Wilson

2nd by Barbara McBride

CEC - all in favour

Approved by all and passed

2 )Music in the park is offered free off charge.The cost of the musicians is about one hundred to one hundered fifty dollars with a
50/50 Sponsorship by CEC Commitee and the Heritage Society cost is cooperatively shared.Heritage Society has offered to book some of the music.

Motion by Chad Oxman

2nd by Jeanette Rice

CEC- all in favour

Approved by all and passed


Councillor REMARKS:N/A

TOWNSHIP UPDATES - In the process of recruiting a new manager for South Crosby non profit housing corporation.


The next meeting will be held on July 11th Meeting 2019 1:00 pm at Elgin Municipal Complex.


Moved by Keith Wilson

2nd by: June Smith

Meeting adjourned 1:39pm

Carried: By Committee





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