Elgin and Area

Community Enhancement Committee

Location: Elgin Complex


TIME - 12:30pm - 1:39pm

Minutes transfered from audio recording


CALL TO ORDER - 12:30pm


Roll Call was taken and the following Members were in attendance-June Smith,Tiffany Bell, Barbara McBride,Keith Wilson, Joan Delaney ,Mary Roantree,Linda Ubdegrove, Chad Oxman(Secretary),Niocle Hallady and Leila Stafford Recreation and Volunteer Coordinator, Robert Butcher (Chair), Ryan Hart (Member Cyclist),Vera Best ,Jeanette Rice


ADOPTION OF AGENDA: By Bob Butcher and Barbara McBride


Chairperson Robert Butcher asked if anyone had a declaration of pecuniary interest or the general nature thereof and none was declared. No conflicts No errors or omissions

ADOPTION OF MINUTES-Moved by Vera Best and June Smith


Ryan Hart - Create a place where everyone shared documents with privileges on Google Docs

Moved By Ryan Hart and Robert Butcher and all agreed

Keith Wilson -If a letter is written to CEC it has to be red out

- Committee that have to attend

- Subcommittees Can have a meeting anytime

Beautification of Elgin and Crosby is delegated to Nicole Halladay and Tiffany Bell as a Volunteer

Participator of Crosby.Welcome :)

SUB-COMMITTEE REPORTS/REQUESTS: (List any sub-committees established)

No other new reports besides possible Tiffany Bell making a Subcommittee for Crosby Lea to help how to set up

BUSINESS ARISING:(any other ongoing business)


A)Garden Contest Township Contest Conclude with Picnic at Beverly Park

B)55 Plus Seniors Picnic June 7th $15.00 each at lower Beverly Park


A)There seems to be two recreation committees for Elgin there is already a recreational committee all folded into 1 committee

B)Elgin Days is Still on

C)Rink Skateboard Park Budget is $4000 cheapest Quote is $16000.It must be CSA certified Ramp waiting for more Quotes ad a decision as to what to do.Possible

Capacity to manually flood rink during winter as well fire department with new Fire chief up for the task .Holding off until November December

D)Tennis net will Be Up Soon lines on the court either this year or next year

E)Plaque for all the Donors and People who helped out with the Rink Project Beautification


A)Planters being ordered in

B)Storage Shed has been flagged out and will arrive within the month.

C)Applied for grant for play structure for $25000 will hear from them in August Project will be complete by next Summer and possible gardens.

D)Concrete walkways and work on driveways and interlock is deferred till next years budget by the back area where some trees will be removed quoted $18000

E)Share the Road Signs List of intersection of 15 signs possibly in Elgin Area.

Document to be shared and attached as part of the minutes with a quote per sign from

the sign provider

F)Township Economic Committee is re-branding signs.They will repair and rebranded maintain as many as possible.

G)Look for alternative solutions such as hirees depending of the road of Township or County besides Hydro One and property individuals when tree tornado death machines (chipper,bush hogs) have completed the task when leftover brush or branches have been missed when most times it is usually picked up when in front of usual residences or along the back roads.

H)The Heritage Society can afford to pay 1/3 of Signed repairs. Heritage has 5 to 6 events a year and they need more signs to bring people into Elgin. Need an owner of sign and municipal events should take priority. Allow not for profits to use signs but no businesses. Heritage would like an electronic signs that need to be to sided GT Signs will have a quote and there are funds set aside for this project. Project should be done by fall possibly.

I)Have Functional 2 sided Electronic Community Sign by fall of this year for the sake of Nicole and winter weather with enablement to pass ownership by password to other community members when on holiday.

J)Would like a bench on Harry Sealey Road Between the Stop Sign and the School

K)Possible plaques on Benches or Trees memory of appreciations by the Community

L)Hired Gardener Cory Evans of Rideau Routes as our Gardener

M)Watering program starts after may long weekend

N)Flowers Baskets will be installed shortly after May Long Weekend Possibly June reason of weather.

O)Possibly put a privacy fence between our area and willy’s

P)Need to get an Idea on the cost.Heather will be contacted for a quote. Next meeting

we will decide how many signs will be installed.

Q)Make use of Community Notice Board when letter has been sent out to board members of repairs of signs.

R)Other thoughts Solar fountains,Butterfly Repopulation as enhancing beatificatin


No New Businesses comments


A)Need oversight on financing to ensure funds are being used for committee and their program purposes only

B)Township Treasurer is setting Up Community Enhancement Committee Accounts

C)Have to Get $15000 to township


Thanks everyone for coming out Joan feels proud and CEC is well represented Keith Wilson to fill out Volunteer Form.

TOWNSHIP UPDATES: Leila Stafford, Volunteer & Recreation Coordinator

Nicole Halladay, Beautification of Elgin and Crosby and Tiffany Bell as a Volunteer Participator of Crosby


The next meeting will be held on June 13th Meeting 2019 1:00 pm at Elgin Municipal Complex following the next meeting July 11th at 1 pm



Moved By: Barbara McBride

Seconded By: June Smith

Meeting adjourned 1:39pm

Carried: By Committee







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